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About DnPG

DnPG Pte Ltd has been an expert in Flame Retardant work-wear production and dissemination for more than a decade. DnPG spearheaded the DALEtec work-wear industry in the South East Asian locale. It has moved on ever since and developed itself into an elemental worldwide operation.

DnPG is presently situated as a master article of clothing maker and a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) warehousing and wholesaling, giving a top-to-bottom solution for attires that need to meet the safety standards in the commercial ventures as mentioned beneath:

  • Marine seaward and offshore
  • Oil & Gas coastal, seaward and offshore
  • Petrochemical plants & refineries
  • Shipyards
  • Mining
  • Specialized divisions within the Military, Police, Fire Services.
  • Health Care
  • Corporate Wear

The mark of DnPG, speaks of the organization's dedication to great administration, reliable quality and worth.

Manufacturing Facilities

Clothings (FRC)

Why the utilization Flame Retardant ("FR") Workwear, is needed?
Individuals working in any industry that has a danger of attire lighting ought to wear fire resistant dress. The Bottom line is that FR garments reduces the chance of lives being lost!




Consistent work garments lighting and blazing off the wearer’s back bring about most genuine blazes from modern accidents. A huge number of accidents are because of the flash-flames, happening every year. The most serious smolders are often not brought on by the first danger, rather because of the auxiliary consequence of apparel touching off the wear.



FR dress does not light and keep on smoldering. Indeed single-layer FR work garments can fundamentally ensure worker’s safety. FR apparel is basically worn as a protection.



In the farfetched occasion of a glimmer fire, electric curve, metal sprinkle or other calamity, FR work garments diminishes blaze harm, giving enough departure time, and builds shots of survival. Despite the fact that an individual got in a glimmer flame or electric circular segment, they will probably have a few wounds, FR dress can drastically decrease their injury’s seriousness.



This can mean the distinction in the middle of life and passing. Survivors regularly consider blaze harm treatment to be more regrettable than the smolder itself. Treatment and recuperation is extremely frightful and can take months if not years.



Smolder victimized people can be extremely incapacitated and for all time crippled. A survivor’s personal satisfaction is drastically influenced by the degree and seriousness of smolder damage.



FR dress expands the shots of survival, as well as essentially enhances the personal satisfaction after the harm. Key Factors for the Appropriate Type of FR Workwear Selection Any specific kind of FR piece of clothing which HSE division has officially endorsed or will favor the user.

PPE Products

Defensive Apparels
Head Protection
Gas Detection
Eye Protection
Spill Control & Management
Face Protection
Initially O2d
Listening to Protection

Wellbeing Containment System
Hand Protection
Fall Protection
Foot Protection
Crisis Equipment
Respiratory Protection

Useful Information

The size, posture, figure, and the shape of one's body all change the way the coverall fits. This is why we have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you take the perfect measurements for your coveralls. We know that taking measurements can be a chore, so we have worked out a way to make it as easy and quick for anyone.

What you will need:
- A fabric measuring tape (fabric only).
- Assistance from a friend
- A well fitting suit, shirt, pair of trousers (not jeans), and a pair of shoes.

When taking measurements:
- Keep the measuring tape comfortably snug, but not tight.
- All measurements should be made to nearest inch / centimeter.



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